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Perwira Global Consultancy is an integrated Training Consultants company principally involved in three key areas; Education, Training and Professional Services. We focus on human capital specifically in the complete supply chain management of developing world-class knowledgeable and skilled workers, entrepreneur in high-end technologies as to promote Malaysia’s vision of achieving a developed nation status by 2020.

Perwira Global is recognized for its effective programmes in Human Resource, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Secretarial and Administration, Business & Entrepreneur Development, Health & Safety, IT, Contractor Skill Development, English Courses, Quality Management System, Strategic and Excellence Performance and Innovative Small Group Activities (SGAS).

Perwira Global has educated, energized, entertained and empowered various audiences all over Malaysia and made positive difference to their lives. With a proven track record, more than 30, 000 people from various ministries, departments and corporations have benefited from our proven and time – tested strategies for success and achievements.

Main Reasons for your company to have Perwira Global as training partner

  1. You will get specially – tailored training programmes that can be “customerised” to meet your specific needs, requirements and goals.
  2. You will be making the best investment to improve the effective performance and productivity of your people.
  3. You will join the ranks of our clients who have benefited from more than hundred courses of training excellence and experiences.
  4. You will have extra total confidentiality and privacy.
  5. You can plan the training programmes at your convenience to suit your time schedule.
  6. You will have the expertise and experience of our Team (Perwira Global Consultants) who will give the personal touch by educating , guiding, advising, coaching and motivating you and your people on the path of excellence.

Our Training Packages Include The Following :
  1. The services and expertise of team training personel led by our course Leader
  2. Course Notes and Handouts
  3. Stationery (Pen, pencil and note book)
  4. Bag/Files/Folders
  5. Course Evaluation Forms
  6. Seminar Room/Accomondation
  7. Follow - up Services/Workshops/Consultation
  8. Certificates of Attendance

Our Vision : To be the Leading Training Provider and Consultancy in the World

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